Volunteer/Docent Program

The Submarine Force Library and Museum (SFLM) established a Docent Program in 2006. This program is based on a partnership with the U.S. Submarine Veterans Inc. Groton Base (SUBVETS). The SUBVETS coordinate the volunteers assigned to Docent duties at the SFLM.

The docents are volunteer members of the staff in an association with the SFLM that has become a satisfying experience.

You do not have to be a member of SUBVETS to be a docent. You do not have to even be a Submariner. Docents are both male and female. The only requirement is to have a desire and be familiar with the policies and procedures and approved by the Director of Education for the Submarine Force Museum.  Approved docents can be scheduled to dates and times as desired.

Many volunteer because they have a desire to give something back to the public with a belief that they are in some small way strengthening the foundations on which this country is built. It also provides a chance for them to share their experiences with Museum visitors to develop a better appreciation for the Submarine Force and the vital contributions it has made to our nation. The SFLM appreciates the commitment of our volunteers and salutes their contributions. Your volunteer efforts enhance the Museum’s ability to meet its daily mission.

We are confident that your presence and interaction with the visitors will have a positive and lasting impact on them and dramatically improve the overall Museum program.

If you are interested in becoming a docent or would like more information about the docent program please contact Justin Spielman via email at Jennifer.a.bourque2.civ@us.navy.mil  or via phone at (860) 694-4863.

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