Hello everybody! Boy was it raining hard here yesterday! Everything was really wet, so I decided to take my adventure inside the museum. Here I am standing in front of the Welcome/Information sign that is right inside the front door. I know that signs are not as exciting as submarines, but they are really important and can be a lot of help. This sign is telling me about what I’m going to see in the museum. Boy, there sure is a lot to see!

I think I’m going to go to the right, because I want to learn about the history of Submarines. I know some people find history to be really boring, but I think it’s really neat! I really want to know how someone came up with the idea of building a boat that can stay underwater, (I mean who thinks of something like that?). They must have had a really good imagination! I hope they have a picture of the first submarine ever built…that would be really cool to see!

Oh, yeah…guess what? I made a new friend. This is Chuck Norris (no, not that Chuck Norris…). Chuck is a docent here at the musuem. A docent is a volunteer who shares information about the exhibits in the museum. (The museum has lots of docents.) Chuck is really nice and has lots of neat stories about the Navy and Submarines. But do you want to know the coolest thing of all? He actually worked on submarines! See all of the patches and pins on his vest? He was given them because of all of the hard work he did on submarines. I asked him if I could get one and he told me that I could when I was older, if I worked on Submarines. (He also told me that I could get some pins and patches in the museum gift store. I’ll have to remember to look later.)
Well, I’m going to listen to more of Chuck’s stories. I’ll see you guys later!
Welcome Information Sign