Hi everyone!
I went through the watertight hatch and guess where it brought me? It brought me to the Wardroom. The Wardroom is a part of “Officer Country” which is what the enlisted crew called the officers’ living quarters. The Wardroom is where the officers would eat, socialize, and have meetings. You can see that the table is set for a meal now. Look at all of that fancy stuff! We only set our table like that when we were having special guests over. I wonder if they were celebrating something or if these were their everyday dishes. What do you think?

The instruments on the wall behind the table gave the officers information about the ship, like its speed, course, and depth. This allowed them to relax and still know how things were going on the ship.

Well, I’ve been told that the officers’ sleeping quarters are near here, so I’m going to go look for them.
See you soon.

Flat Stanley at the Officers' Wardroom

Flat Stanley at the Officers’ Wardroom